Our Approach

Tailored Solutions

We go the extra mile! We work with our customers to tailor a solution to meet the requirements of their business, whilst maintaining the flexibility to respond to changing needs and spikes in service delivery.

Quality Service Delivery

Our services are results orientated, solution focussed, and based on timeliness, reliability, and accuracy. We exceed expectations by consistently delivering on our commitments, and are dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction.

Safety and Compliance

We take pride in being a ‘safe link’ in the supply chain. We proactively reduce risk, follow safe work practices, and have controls in place to ensure we meet our statutory obligations and are compliant with National Heavy Vehicle Law.

Communication, Information and Accountability

Trust is essential for successful partnerships, which is why TLS fosters a culture of honest communication, shared information, transparency and accountability. We provide easily accessible information, detailed data and responsive customer service. This is evidenced by our loyal and satisfied customer base.